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W H Wiseman

Photographer: Wiseman
Upstairs in Davis and Utterback building
Dublin, Texas

William Henderson Wiseman Sr, sons William Henderson Wiseman JR and Rufus Frank Wiseman with W H Wiseman Junior’s daughter, Louisa Wiseman, were all photographers of note. Only one of them worked in Dublin, TX, for any substantial period. William Henderson Wiseman JR kept a gallery there from about 1889 to 1893 according to advertisements in the Dublin Progress newspaper. He then opened a gallery in Stephenville, TX, but there is no documentation that says he actually closed the studio in Dublin at the same time.

There were many photographers hired to run the studios in a Wiseman’s absence. The studio in Alton, IL, kept the name Wiseman Gallery and was operated by other photographers even after the death of W H Wiseman, who opened it originally.

Following is a list of Studios or Galleries that would have been named “Wiseman” and the approximate dates of operation:

Newbury, SC - 1868 to Mar 1877 (William Henderson Wiseman SR, J D Bruce takes over gallery)
Newberry, SC - 1878 (W H Wiseman, SR, briefly, apparently)
Johnson, TX - 1880 to 1889? (No activity in photography has been documented for any of the Wisemans during this period. W H Wiseman, SR, and both sons turn to farming for at least part of this period)
Dublin, TX - 1889 to 1894 (mostly by W H Wiseman, JR)
Stephenville, TX - 1894 - 1898 (mostly by W H Wiseman, JR)
Hico, TX - 1889 to 1953 (Mostly by Frank Wiseman, JR; some date speculation on this one)
Alton, IL - 1898 to 1919 (W H Wiseman. JR, who then runs a Jackson, IL, farm)
Alton, IL - Jul 1920 to Aug 1921 (W H Wiseman leases business to St Louis, MO, couple. He moves to Jacksonville, IL to work a farm)
Alton, IL - 24 Nov 1928 (W H Wiseman JR returns to photography
Alton, IL - 1928 and continues some years after the death of W H Wiseman JR’s death in 1954
Alton, IL - 17 Apr 1943 (news item shows W H Wiseman studio is still operating)

The cabinet card was probably done by W H Wiseman, Jr, around 1889 to 1894.

Newberry (SC) Weekly Herald - 25 Mar 1868

Newberry (SC) Weekly Herald - 21 Apr 1869

Newberry (SC) Weekly Herald - 20 Apr 1870

Newberry (SC) Weekly Herald - 01 Nov 1871

Newberry (SC) Weekly Herald - 11 Dec 1872

Newberry (SC) Weekly Herald - 05 Nov 1873

Newberry (SC) Weekly Herald - 15 Sep 1875

Newberry (SC) Weekly Herald - 07 Feb 1877

Newberry (SC) Weekly Herald - 21 Mar 1877

Newberry (SC) Weekly Herald - 19 Jan 1876

Newberry (SC) Weekly Herald - 09 Jul 1879

Newberry (SC) Weekly Herald - 12 Apr 1889

Stephenville, (TX) Empire - 14 May 1892

Dublin (TX) Progress - 12 May 1893

Stephenville (TX)Empire -

Stephenville (TX) Empire - 12 Nov 1897

Alton (IL) Evening Telegraph - 09 Mar 1898

Alton (IL) Evening Telegraph - 14 Apr 1899

Alton (IL) Evening Telegraph - 26 Oct 1908

The Liberty Vindicator - 27 Jan 1911

Stephenville (TX) Empire - 31 Mar 1911

Alton (IL) Evening Telegraph - 10 Jun 1919

Alton (IL) Evening Telegraph - 10 Jul 1920

Alton (IL) Evening Telegraph - 29 Aug 1921

Alton (IL) Evening Telegraph - 24 Nov 1928

Alton (IL) Evening Telegraph - 18 Jan 1929

Alton (IL) Evening Telegraph - 17 Apr 1943

Alton (IL) Evening Telegraph - 05 Jun 1946

Alton (IL) Evening Telegraph - 19 Nov 1952

photographer W H Wiseman
Hico, TX
example from auction site

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