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Soderberg, Pahr (Pont)

Sutton, Nebraska

Sutton, Nebraska

Pahr and Pont Soderberg are the same person. Both are listed in various documents with wife Anna and son Clyde. Son Clyde is listed as an electrician or electrical salesman.

There exists a cabinet card imprinted by a Smith and Soderberg working in Marengo, IA, in the 1880’s but no evidence has been found to show that Parh (Pont) Soderberg was ever in Iowa. Such a partnership could only have been in that brief period between his immigration in 1871 and 1884 when he is reported working in a photograph studio on a rail car, in Lincoln, NE. By 1889 he was living in Sutton, NB.

Sometime during 1916 or 1917 Pahr (Pont) Soderberg and his wife Anna moved to Pasadena, Los Angeles, CA. He appears to retire from photography altogether. And the given name Pahr is used from that time on.

Sometime between 1920 and 1924, their son Clyde Payne Soderberg and his wife Francis, divorced, and he moved in with his parents in California. In 1937, Clyde’s son, Robert, also moves to California at the same address according to city directories and school yearbooks.

1852 Jan 08
Arvika Sweden, Pahr (Pont) Soderberg is born
Pahr Soderberg arrives in the United States
(from 1887 Jan 21 (Lincoln) Nebraska State Journal) Soderberg and partners build an opera house
1884 Jan 01
The (Lincoln) Nebraska State Journal news item Soderberg is in Lincoln with his “photograph car”
1887 Jan 21
The (Lincoln) Nebraska State Journal news item describes Opera House managed in 1883 by Pont Soderberg
1887 May 22
The (Lincoln) Nebraska State Journal news item mentions Pont Soderberg is at Harvard (NE) taking pictures. Harvard is on the rail line that includes Sutton, NE
1887 Dec 22
Brown County World, Hiawatha, KS, news item Eliza Payne and Soderberg marry; mentions Soderberg has “…accumulated a handsome fortune…”

- continued on next row -

1889 May 22
Sutton, NE, son Clyde Payne Soderberg is born
1891 Nov 01
The (Lincoln) Nebraska State Journal item mentions Soderberg is in Clay Center (KS) that week
1900 Jun 08
Sutton, NE, US census as photographer; res 89 Maltby av
1909 Apr 20
Clay County, Clay Center, NE(?) Naturalized as citizen
1910 Apr 27
Sutton, NE, US census as photographer; res 80 Maltby av
1911 Apr 13
Sutton, NE, applies for passport to travel with wife Anna, “5 or 6 months”; signature Pahr Soderberg; copy at right
Pasadena, CA, city directory NOT listed
Pasadena, CA, city directory lists Pahr and Anna at 1925 Casa Grande
Pasadena, CA, city directory NOT listed

Pasadena, CA, city directory show Pahr and Anna at 597 Claremont dr
Pasadena, CA, city directory not available
1921 - 1925
Pasadena, CA, city directory lists Pahr Soderberg and Anna at 1181 Stevenson av; Clyde not shown
1927- 1947
Pasadena, CA, city directory lists Pahr Soderberg, wife Anna and son Clyde at same address 1181 Mar Vista; in 1938 and a few years after that, Clyde’s son Robert joins them at the same address
1948 Jul 25
Parh (Pont) Soderberg dies in Los Angeles County, CA

The photographs, above left, must have been finished between about 1889 and 1916 before Soderberg moved to California

1911 Passport Application

The (Lincoln) Nebraska State Journal - 01 Jan 1884

The (Lincoln) Nebraska State Journal - 21 Jan 1887

The (Lincoln) Nebraska State Journal - 03 Mar 1887

The (Lincoln) Nebraska State Journal - 22 May 1887

Brown County (Hiawatha, KS) World - 30 Dec 1887

The cabinet cards at the right are examples found published on auction sites. They are NOT in the LOST GALLERY collection.

Note that all four examples shown on this page are different card designs.

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