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Theodore John Hingtgen

Hingtgen Wahpeton, N Dak
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Theodore John Hingtgen
(1848 - 1936)

1848 Jul 30
Oberanven, Canton de Luxembourg-Ville, Luxembouerg, Theodore John Hingtgen was born to John Hingtgen and Anna Marie Reiter
immigrates to the US
1872 Feb 12
Wahpeton, ND, marries Mary Entringer
1885 Oct 22
Wahpeton (ND) Times news item Hingtgen builds own building for studio
1892 Jul 11
wife Mary Anna Etringer dies
1894 Jan 16
Wahpeton, ND, T J Hingtgen marries Katherine Gebhart
1936 Dec 08
Wahpeton, Richland County, ND Hingtgen dies at age 88

It appears that T J Hingtgen was photographer for most of his life, all in the same town and all in practically the same location. Cabinet Cards would have to be dated entirely on the style of the card and any additional information added by the owner or family.

He was also quite active in city and county politics.

Wahpeton (ND) Times - 22 Oct 1885

Purported to be Hingtgen and wife
Internet Source

Wahpeton (ND) Times - 10 Jun 1886

Wahpeton (ND) Times - 09 May 1901

Wahpeton (ND) Times - 12 Mar 1891

Wahpeton (ND) Times - 12 Sep 1889

Wahpeton (ND) Times - 13 dec 1906

Wahpeton (ND) Times - 13 Aug 1908

Additional Example from auction site

Additional Example from auction site

Additional Example from auction site

Unusual example from a genealogy site

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