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J W Ward

Photographer: J W Ward
No. 725 Pittsburgh St.
Connellsville, Pa.

reverse of the card at the left

In the late 19th century J W Ward was an easy name to find in the newspaper. There was a contractor, a professor, a doctor, a postmaster, a clergyman, a surveyor, an insurance salesman, a paper hanger, a civil war captain, a first baseman, a convict and yes, a photographer.

J W Ward can be documented as a photographer from September of 1888 to February of 1910 when he had a stroke that disabled him. He was probably at work before then but nothing was found to document it.

His used cabinet cards with elaborate printing on the reverse showing the address of his studio. Oddly, he seemingly changed locations often but always on the same street.

John Watson Ward
(1851 - 1911)

Sources: Connellsvillle (PA) Weekly Courier; Daily Courier, US census

Based on dates of publication, the studio was located as follows (note the 275 and the 725 COULD be the same address, just misprinted.) :

1888 Sep 14
studio at 725 Pittsburg st
1888 Oct 19 through 1889 Jul 19
studio at 275 Pittsburg st
1889 Sep 13 through 1890 Mar 21
studio at 725 Pittsburg st
1890 Apr 04 and 11
studio at 275 Pittsburg st
1890 May 09 1891 through 1891 May 19
studio at 127 Pittsburg st
1898 Mar 25
studio at 205 n Pittsburg st

And the last four items found:
Connellsville, PA, US census as photographer; res 307 Green
1910 Feb 22
Connellsville (PA) Daily Courier J W Ward has stroke
1910 Jun 21
Connellsville, PA, US census no occupation shown; res 307 Green
1911 May 30
death certificate Connellsville, PA, J W Ward dies at age 59

The cabinet card here must have been finished in 1888 or 1889 when the studio was at 725 Pittsburg st in Connellsville, PA.

Connellsville, PA, Weekly Courier - 27 Dec 1889

Is one of these first two a misprint?
Connellsville, PA, Weekly Courier - 04 Apr 1890

Maybe. But both were repeated several times. (See timeline above)
Connellsville, PA, Weekly Courier - 16 May 1890

Connellsville, PA, Weekly Courier - 25 Mar 1898

Connellsville, PA, Weekly Courier - 08 Jul 1905

Connellsville, PA, Daily Courier - 15 Fri 1909

Connellsville, PA, Daily Courier - 28 Jul 1909

Connellsville, PA, Daily Courier - 23 Feb 1910

Connellsville, PA, Daily Courier - 20 May 1911

Connellsville, PA, Daily Courier - 16 Aug 1913

Not the one you were looking for?
Here's the photographer's INDEX by name. Listed here are all the Cabinet Card photographers of the 19th century found in LOST GALLERY. This is a work in progress. For a look at the original postings go to

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