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Sproul's Gallery

Photographer: Sproul's Gallery
Waterville, KS
probably finished between 1870 and 1880

John Jefferson Sproul
(1844 - 1914)

Sources: US census, city directories, Waterville (KS) Telegram, Houston (TX) Post, Marshal County (KS) Democrat

1844 Mar
Jackson, MO, J J Sproul is born to Joseph Sproul and Elizabeth McGee
Jackson, MO Us census, living with parents
Whereabouts unknown
Waterville, KS, US census the only photographer in Waterville, KS, is H W Preckett, page 27
Sproul marries Mary Ann Vaughn (1841 - 1906)
Waterville, KS, daughter Mattie Carlotta Sproul is born

Waterville, KS, daughter Josephine Belle Sproul is born
1875 Mar 01
Waterville, KS, US census as photographer
1875 Sep 23
Atchison (KS) Daily Champion small item about visiting Sproul’s at Waterville for a photograph
1876 Feb 11, Apr 21, 28;
Waterville (KS)
Telegraph small ad for J J Sproul’s Art Gallery
1877 Mar 03
Marshal County (KS) News item says Sproul’s brother has joined him learning photography
1877 Apr 27
Waterville (KS) Telegraph small ad Sproul proprietor of Art Gallery
1877 Sep 14
Waterville (KS) Telegraph news item says Sproul is secretary of the Democratic voters of Waterville, KS
1880 Jun 09
US census, as photographer; res 318 Oak
1880 Nov 05
Marshal County (KS) Democrat Sproul publishes a short story

1881 Jan 01
Marshal County (KS) News item mentions that Sproul is assisting in the editorial department of the Waterville Telegraph
1881 Jan through Oct
Waterville (KS) Telegraph small display ad for City Gallery, North Side Commercial st
1882 Oct 27
Franklin (KS) Bee news item mentions J J Sproul plays violin for the Philharmonic Club
1883 Feb 09 through Oct 19
Waterville (KS) Telegraph many small ads for City Gallery in Waterville, KS
1883 Aug 24
Waterville (KS) Telegraph item mentions Sproul has been elected delegate to county convention
1884 Jan 11
Waterville (KS) Telegraph small item mentions Sproul is ill with neuralgia
1884 Jan 11, Jun 13
Waterville (KS) Telegraph small ad
1884 Jul to 1885
Jan Sproul serves as County Superintendent at Marysville, KS

1884 Oct 17
Waterville (KS) Telegraph display ad for Estey Organ, Sproul is Western Agent
1884 Oct 18
Waterville (KS) Telegraph item mentions Sproul is running for County Superintendent
1885 Mar 01
Greeley, KS, Kansas State census, as merchant (not much support for this link, Sproul may simply have been there on a business trip)
1886 Jan 29
Waterville (KS) Telegraph item Sproul is down with neuralgia again
1888 Aug 03
Marshal (KS) County News Sproul is refitting his gallery and also selling Estey Organs
1888 Nov 29
Waterville (KS) Telegraph item Sproul is in bed sick
1888 Dec 07
Waterville (KS) Telegraph item Sproul is on the mend
1889 Mar 20
Houston (TX) Post, Taylorville news item Sproul entertains at home
1889 Dec 27
Waterville (KS) Telegraph item Sproul involved in slander accusation
1890 Jun 26
Marshal County (KS) Democrat item Mrs J J Sproul who was hurt in a fall two months ago still cannot walk

1890 Oct 24
Marshal County (KS) News item Mrs J J Sproul is improving rapidly
1892 Oct 21
Marshal County (KS) item Sproul is treasurer of Democratic Club
1893 Mar 23
Blue Rapids (KS) Times Mrs Sproul and family moved to Texas where Mr Sproul is now located
1894 Aug 28
Taylor, TX, Sproul's daughter Josephine Belle dies in Taylor; The Sproul family has apparently moved there this year
1900 Jun 12
Taylor, TX, US census as photographer
1901 Sep 27
Waterville (KS) Telegraph news item Sproul gives short address at memorial for Pres Garfield
1906 Feb 15
Waterville (KS) Telegraph (July 06 news item) Sproul’s wife Mary Ann Vaughn has died
1907 Apr 04
Sproul marries Jan Howard Bibb (1880-1917)
Taylor, TX, daughter Evelyn C Sproul is born (1909 - )
Taylor, TX, city directory as photographer studio at 114 w 4th
Taylor, TX city directory as photographer at 407 n Main

1910 May 04
Taylor, TX, US census, as photographer; res 709 Vance
Taylor, TX city directory listing includes studio address of 114 w 4th; res 709 Vance
1914 Jan 01
Taylor, TX, J J Sproul dies suddenly at home age 69.
1916 Apr 03
Marysville (KS) Advocate and Democrat item two boxes of negatives found as old studio is being torn down in Marysville.
1917 Feb 09
Taylor Weekly Press item Mrs J J Sproul dies suddenly

J J Sproul sold organs, worked at the local newspaper, played violin, held city and county offices and was a photographer all in the small towns of Waterville, KS and Taylor, TX.

Waterville, KS, was a small town in the late 19th century, so an address apparently wasn’t really needed in advertisements. Everyone knew where the business was located. However, it is impossible to date the above photograph closer than between 1872 and 1892.

Atchison (KS) Daily Champion - 23 Sep 1875

Waterville (KS) Telegraph - 11 Feb 1876

Marshal County (KS)News - 03 Mar 1977

Waterville (KS) Telegraph - 27 Apr 1877

Marshal County (KS) News - 01 Jan 1881

Waterville (KS) Telegraph - 21 Jan 1881

Waterville (KS) Telegraph - 13 Jan 1882

Frankfort (KS) Bee - 27 Oct 1882

Waterville (KS) Telegraph - 16 Mar 1883

Waterville (KS) Telegraph - 24 Aug 1883

Waterville (KS) Telegraph - 11 Jan 1884

Axtel Anchor - 18 Oct 1884

Waterville (KS) Telegraph - 29 Jan 1886

Waterville (KS) Telegraph - 03 Aug 1888

Waterville (KS) Telegraph - 30 Nov 1888

Waterville (KS) Telegraph - 07 Dec 1888

Waterville (KS) Telegraph - 03 jan 1890

Marshal County(TX)Democrat - 26 Jun 1890

Waterville (KS)Telegraph - typical ad

Waterville (KS)Telegraph - 27 Dec 1889

Marshal County (TX) News - 24 Oct 1892

Marshal County (TX) - 21 Oct 1892

Advocate and Democrat (Taylor, TX) - 24 Mar 1893

Waterville (KS) Telegraph - 06 Jul 1906

Houston (TX) Post - 06 Apr 1907

Taylor (TX) Journal - 08 Jan 1914

Waterville (KS) Telegraph - 16 Jan 1914

Advocate and Democrat(Marysville, KS) - 03 Aug 1916

Taylor (TX) Weekly Press - 09 Feb 1917

Purported to be John Jefferson Sproul

photographer: Sproul
Taylor, TX
(Probably finished between 1890 and 1913)

photographer: Sproul and Son
Taylor, TX
(Probably finished between 1890 and 1913)

photographer: Sproul and Son
Taylor, TX
(Probably finished between 1890 and 1913)

photographer: Sproul
Contributed by GG

photographer: Sproul, Peterboro, Canada
example from auction site
(note: Is this the same photographer Sproul?
Was he in Canada during those early years around 1870?)

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