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James N Walton

Photographer: Walton
Cor 154 and Center Ave
Harvey, IL.

James N Walton
(1842 - 1911)

Timeline sources; City Directories; US census; History of Dearborn and Ohio Counties, Indiana : from their earliest settlement : containing a history of the counties, their citizens

1842 Oct 31
Ohio County, IN, Dearborn History James N Walton born; note: no two documents list the same birth date. This one seems the most likely considering other events in Walton’s life.
Dearborn History as photographer opens first gallery in Rising Sun, IN; travels with William Davis in portable photograph car
1862 Fall
Dearborn History: joins Nineteenth Michigan Regiment as photographer

1863 Sep 21
US tax assessment, $6.67 for first Photographer’s License
1863 Nov 05
Dearborn History: opens gallery in Aurora, IN
Dearborn History: Walton sells gallery and moves to Cincinnati, OH
1865 Sep 15
Indiana License: James Walton marries Mary Francis Plummer; Dearborn History says Fannie L Plummer on 17 Dec 1865
Dearborn History: Walton leaves Cincinnati, OH, and moves back to Aurora, IN
Aurora, IN, US census: son Clifford B Walton is born
1880 Jun 22
Aurora, IL, US census: as photographer
Thomton, Cook, Il, US census as photographer; res 154th st

Harvey, Il, city directory as retired; res 167 e 154th st
1910 May 02
Harvey. IN, US census as photographer; res 167 154th st
1911 Nov 06
Harvey, Cook, IL, Death Index: James N Walton died at age 69

James N Walton made photography a lifelong career. He worked mostly in the eastern part of Illinois, Aurora and Harvey.

The cabinet card here must have been finished in that period when he operated a studio in Harvey, IL, from about 1900 until his death in 1911. His residence in Harvey was 167 154th st which was probably the same address as "cor 154th and Center av".

(Chicago, IL) Inter Ocean - 13 Apr 1908

Interesting item includes the address

This example, found at Forgotten Photo Project must have been finished between 1863 and 1865 or between 1867 (when Walton returned from Cincinnati, OH,) and about 1900 before his move to Harvey, IL.

Considering the rather elaborate printing on the reverse, it is probably from the later period.

photographer: Walton
Harvey, IL
example from mj aux on Flickr

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