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Osee Hall Wheat

107 Church, Rockford, IL

Reverse of the card a the left

Osee Hall Wheat
(1851 - 1909)

1851 Dec 29

Oswego, New York Osee Hall Wheat is born to James Wheat and Ermina Hall
1870 Jun 06
Rockford, IL, US census Wheat family has moved to Rockford, IL; O H Wheat is 18
1872 - 1876
Rockford, IL, city directory as photographer but not with own studio; this is probably the period he was working for G W Barnes, photographer
Chicago, IL, city directory as photographer, not listed in business pages
1878 Nov 12
Belvidere (IL) Standard news item S K Doolittle is destroying all J H Loper, O H Wheat and Doolittle negatives over 2 years old
1879 May 30 to 1879 Jul 06
Nebraska State Journal and Lincoln Evening Call news items showing Wheat has gallery north side of “O” street, Lincoln, NE
1879 Oct 26
Nebraska State Journal news item Wheat dissolves partnership with A H Drain, Oct 12, 1879
1882 Jul 03
Lincoln (NE) Journal Star news item Kelley and Co takes over the O H Wheat Studio in Lincoln, NE

1883 Feb 20
St Joseph (MO) Gazette Herald news item shows O H Wheat now associated with Mr Stone; mentions O H Wheat is from Omaha, NE, and Chicago, IL
Rockford (IL) Republic, Obituary of 1909 Jun 21 mentions O H Wheat buys out The Medlar Studio this year
1886 Jan 23
Green, WI, O H Wheat marries Belle Wood
Obituary mentions beginning studio in Rockford, IL, this year
1888 Aug 24
Marengo (IL) Republican-News item mentions studio is at 107 N Church, Rockford, IL
1900 Jun 13
Rockford, IL, US census, as photographer
1902 - 1908
Rockford, IL, city directory as photographer at 111 n Church
1909 Jun 21
Rockford, IL, O H Wheat dies at home of heart failure at age 57

The cabinet card at the top must have been done in that year, 1888 when the studio was at 107 Church st in Rockford, IL.

Belvidere (IL) Standard - 12 Nov 1878

Nebraska State Journal - 30 May 1879

Lincoln (NE) Evening Call - 24 Jun 1879

Nebraska State Journal - 26 Oct 1879

Lincoln (NE) Journal-Star - 03 Jul 1882

St Joseph (MO) Gazette - 20 Feb 1883

Nebraska State Journal - 03 Feb 1886

Marento (IL) Republican News - 25 Aug 1888

Decatur (IL) Herald - 24 Oct 1907

Rockford (IL) Republican - 20 Jun 1909

Example from auction site purported to be by O H Wheat

photographer: Wheat
107 N Church Street, Rockford, IL
probably finished around 1888
example from auction site

photographer: O H Wheat
Rockford, IL
example from auction site

photographer: Wheat
107 North Church Street, Rockford, IL
example from auction site

Following are two examples from J E Wheat of Tonia, MI. Not connection has been made yet to Osee Hall Wheat of Rockford, IL

photographer: J E Wheat
301 West Main, Tonia, MI
example from auction site

photographer: J E Wheat
301 West Main, Tonia, MI
example from auction site

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