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Joseph Adam Rogers

Photographer: J A Rogers
Uhrichsville, OH

reverse of the card at the left

Photographer: J A Rogers
Uhrichsville, OH

reverse of the card at the left

The two cabinet cards above contributed by the family of William Birdsall Bullers and Great Granddaughters of John Lewis “Pop” Bullers .

Joseph Adam Rogers
(1852 - 1909)

Clues to the life of J A Rogers, photographer, are very scarce. He appears in three US census reports, a few documents concerning his children and little else.

A Cincinnati, OH, newspaper classified ad tells of a gallery for sale in an unnamed “county seat” with interested parties to contact him in Bedford, IN.

A small classified ad in 1895, April 23, says that J A Rogers wants to sell a photograph gallery in a town that is a county seat. Rogers may be contacted in Bedford, IN.

The 1908 Cleveland, OH, city directory lists J A Rogers as a salesman for Dodd-Rogers Company. Then the 1909 Cleveland city directory lists J A Rogers’ wife Florida as a widow.

1852 Nov
Freeport, Harrison, OH, state records, Joseph Adam Rogers is born to Thomas Rogers and Lucinda Quillen
Washington, PA, J A Rogers marries Florida Elizabeth Brydges

1878 Jan 23,
Burgettstown, PA, son Jesse Eugene Rogers is born
American Journal of Photography vol 11. 1990- article says J A Rogers photographs the Solar Eclipse of that year; Location not shown
1880 Jun 18,
Burgettstown, PA, US census as photographer
1882 Sep 07,
Burgettstown, PA, son James Franklin Rogers is born
1886 Jun 03,
Uhrichsville, OH son Joseph A Rogers is born
1890 May 07,
Uhrichsville, OH, son George Brydges Rogers is born
1892 Jul 25,
Uhrichsville, OH, Son Paul Harrison Rogers is born
1895 Feb 12 and Apr 23
Cincinnati (OH) Enquirer classified ad for photograph gallery for sale in county seat; contact J A Rogers who is apparently in Bedford, IN
1900 Mar 01
Twin City (Ulrichsville, OH) News item says Clyde Rogers is “here” visiting his parents (in Ulrichsville, OH)
1900 Jun 12, Apr 12
Mill, OH, US census as photographer
Cleveland, OH, city directory, NOT listed

Cleveland, OH, city directory as photographer at 2809 (old) Euclid av; res 204 (old) Doan
Cleveland, OH, city directory as photographer at 2800 (old) Euclid av; res 1849 Coltman rd
1907 and 1908
Cleveland, OH, city directory as salesman for Dodd-Rogers Co; res 1585 e 11th ne
Sometime after the publishing of the 1908 Cleveland, OH, city directory and the publishing of the 1909 edition, Joseph Adam Rogers dies
1911 Jul 11
Ontario, Canada, marriage licenses for son Joseph A Rogers Jr, says he is also a photographer

There are no addresses imprinted on the cards at the top of the page, only the town of Ulrichsville, OH. From the elaborate design and good condition of the examples, one might conclude that they were finished in 1900 or after.

However, these cards were probably finished while Rogers was still living in Ulrichsville, known to be between June of 1886 and July of 1892. No city directory or other documents are available to show exactly when Rogers actually moved TO and FROM Ulrichsville, OH. It could have been as early as 1882 and as late as 1900.

Sandusky (OH) Register - 28 Dec 1892

Cincinnati (OH) Enquirer - 12 Feb 1895

Cincinnati (OH) Enquirer - 23 Apr 1895

(Ulrichsville) Twin City News - 06 Jul 1899

(Ulrichsville) Twin City News - 12 Oct 1899

(Ulrichsville) Twin City News - 21 Dec 1899

(Ulrichsville) Twin City News - 01 Mar 1900

(Ulrichsville) Twin City News - 05 Apr 1900

Dayton (OH) Herald - 10 Jul 1907

photographer J A Rogers
Ulrichsville, OH
example from auction site

photographer J A Rogers
Ulrichsville, OH
example from auction site

photographer J A Rogers
Ulrichsville, OH
example from auction site
(really poor scan)

photographer: Rogers
Ulrichsville, OH
example from auction site
(This is not a cabinet card, and obviously from a later generation of studio portraits.)

photographer Rogers Photograph Gallery
Marshal and Kingman
(There is no State in the US with both towns)
(Probably NOT the same Rogers)
example from pinterest

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