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Bror Gustaf Grondal

Photographer: Grondal & Praytor
Round Rock, Texas

Bror Gustaf Grondal
(1855 - 1948)

Timeline Sources: US census, Smokey Valley Historical Association bio,
There are some conflicting accounts of Grondal’s life so this timeline is based mostly on what can be documented.

1855 Jan 11
Vesterous, Sweden, birth of B G Grondal
Grondal immigrates to US at age 14 to work in the fruit groves
Grondal works on fruit groves, saw mills, ships, wharves and finally apprentices with a photographer in St. Paul, MN before deciding to move to warmer climate
Round Rock, TX, Grondal and Sarah Noyd marry and go into photography together
1887 May 20
Lindsborg (KS) News news item says Grondal Gallery is nearly ready to open
1889 May
Round Rock, TX, son Bsor Leonard Grondal is born (1889-1974) (Was it a 600 mile trip for Sarah Noyd, about 8 months pregnant or had she stayed behind in 1887 when Grondal went to Lindsborg to set up shop?)

1889 Jun and Jul
Georgetown/Round Rock, TX, based on newspaper items (see next entry for 02 Aug 1889)
1889 Aug 02
Lindsborg (KS) News Record item says that Grondal has returned from Texas; ads in the Lindsborg Swedish newspaper “Framat” indicate that Grondal was still in Lindsborg, KS, up through May 1889 so it might be assumed that he was in Georgetown/Round Rock, TX, during June and July of 1889.
1891 Apr 04
Lindsborg, McPherson Co, KS, daughter Ruth is born
Four more children to Grondal in Kansas
1900 Jun 06
Lindsborg, McPherson Co, KS, US census Grondal as photographer
1900 to 1946
Grondal maintained a studio in Lindsborg, KS, 411 Main Street
1948 Sep 14
Lindsborg, McPherson Co, KS, state records, B. G. Grondal dies at age 93

Comparing this and the timeline of
William Bluford Praytor,
it can be guessed that the partnership of Grondal and Praytor had to be briefly between 1887 and 1891.

Lindsborg (KS) News Record - 20 May 1887

Lindsborg (KS) News Record - 30 Dec 1887

Lindsborg (KS) News Record - 02 Aug 1889

McPherson (KS) Daily Republican - 04 Sep 1893

McPherson (KS) Daily Republican - 16 Oct 1893

The Lindsborg (KS) Record - 28 Jun 1901

The Lindsborg (KS) Record - 05 Oct 1910

The Lindsborg (KS) Record - 21 Apr 1905

Lawrence (KS) Daily World - 03 Oct 1907

photographer: Grondal
Lindsborg, KS
example from auction site

blind stamp (embossed) says
"Grondal, Lindsborg, Kans"
example from Kansas State Historical Society

photographer: Grondal
Lindsborg, KS
Example from Kansas State Historical Society

Grondal and Praytor
Round Rock, Texas
Example from "Round Rock" by Bob Brinkman

Grondal, Lindsborg, KS
Example from contributor Ann Lind

Grondal, Round Rock, TX
Example from contributor Ann Lind

photographer: Grondal
Lindsborg, KS
example from KSHS

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