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John Blue Tooley

Photographer: J. B. Tooley
Easton, Kansas

John Blue Tooley
(02 May 1840 - 1914)

J. B. Tooley appears to have based his operations in Concordia, KS, for many years but travelled a lot to smaller towns in the area, staying in hotels for months at a time and then moving on.

The records show him as farmer in 1880 and then as “artist” in 1885, possibly indicating when he began his photography career. The following timeline may help to show where Tooley was working and help date cabinet cards that are imprinted with that town.

Timeline - All data from US census, newspaper blurbs and city directories
1840 May 02
born in Chariton, MO
1860 Aug 24
As farmer in Chariton, MO
marriage to Susan Marian Henderson
1863 - 1875
birth of 5 children in Salt Springs, MO

death of son in Silver Creek, MO
1880 Jun 18
US census as farmer in Silver Creek, MO
birth of son in Silver Creek, MO
1885 Mar 01
Kansas census as artist in Lyndon, KS
1887 May 13
newspaper item in Concordia, KS
death of daughter in Concordia, KS
1888 May 01
newspaper item as photographer in Concordia, KS
1889 May 24
newspaper item as photographer in Glasco, KS and Concordia, KS
1891 Mar 26
newspaper item as photographer in Concordia KS
1892 Apr 08
newspaper item as photographer in Concordia, KS
1895 Mar 01
Kansas Census as photographer in Concordia, KS

1896 Feb 25
newspaper item as photographer in Leavenworth, KS
1896 May 01
newspaper item as photographer in Potter, KS
1898 June 24
newspaper item as photographer in Teboo, KS (unknown town)
1900 Jun 05
US census as photographer in Rock Creek, KS
1901 Nov 04
newspaper item as photographer in Atchison, KS, moving that week to Potter, KS
death of son in Center, KS
1910 Apr 15
US census as no occupation in Greenleaf, KS
death in Greenleaf, KS at age 74

No clues turned up documenting when Tooley was in Easton, KS. Easton is a very small community even today. He probably visited there during his stay in Leavenworth, KS, as it is very near.

Concordia(KS) Blade -
12 Mar 1886

Concordia(KS) Blade -
13 May 1887

Concordia(KS) Blade -
01 May 1888

Concordia(KS) Blade -
24 May 1889

Concordia(KS) Blade -
26 May 1891

Concordia(KS) Blade -
08 Apr 1892

Leavenworth (KS) Weekly -
27 Feb 1896

Leavenworth (KS) Weekly -
16 Apr 1896

Atchison (KS) Daily -
19 Apr 1896

Atchison (KS) Daily Champion
07 May 1896

Concordia(KS) Blade -
24 Jun 1898

Photographer: Tooley's Studio
Miltonville, KS
example from auction site

photographer" Tooley
Randolph, KS
example from auction site

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