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Louis S Page

L. S. Page
Emporia, Kansas

Emporia (KS) Ledger - 13 Jul 1876

L. S. Page
522 Commercial St.
Emporia, Kan

Emporia (Ks) Ledger - 23 Oct 1879

L. S. Page
522 Commercial St.
Emporia, Kan.

Emporia (KS) Weekly News - 21 Jul 1881

There are a lot of gaps in the records and a lot of questions about the personal and professional life of Louis S Page. If any new evidence is found, it will be added here.

It appears that Louis Page was photographer in Emporia, KS from 1875 or 1876 to 1899 then he moved to Guthrie, O T (Oklahoma Territory) and worked there until he died around 1925. His life prior to 1875 is pretty obscure.

He apparently was a well-respected business man and lodge brother of the Knights of Pythias, in and around the town of Emporia, KS.

His studio burned in 1891 and 1895 and may have been part of his motivation to move his operation to Guthrie, O T.

The scandal in 1905 about him deserting his wife and changing his name from Langmaid to Page, was afforded wide coverage in newspapers. But as is typical back then, no resolution to the situation can be found in news coverage. Did he abandon his wife in Massachusetts or was it a case of mistaken identity? Unless some new document turns up, we’ll never know for sure.

Louis Page continued

The cabinet cards here, on the right which show the 522 Commercial address were probably finished around the end of his stay in Emporia, KS, about 1887. The third card that shows no address was probably somewhat earlier.

Louis S. Page
(8 Oct 1843 - Mar 1925

1843 Oct 8
Louis S. Page born in Waterville, ME
From Cutler's History of Kansas: Page musters out of the Union Army after much activity and is engaged in manufacturing of leather goods at Lowell, MA
1873 May
From Cutler's History of Kansas: moved to Emporia, KS and begins his work in photography
1876 Jul 13
Emporia (KS) Ledger small ad Page taking over gallery from N F Ames, 170 Commercial st
Emporia, KS, city directory as photographer at 170 Commercial

1878 May 31
Emporia (KS) Weekly News Mr Gnolruf staying one week longer at studio
1879 Oct 23
Emporia (KS) Weekly News notice of Lodge Meeting including L. S Page
From May of 1878 through December of 1880, Louis S. Page ran the same advertisement more than 60 times in the Emporia, KS, Ledger
US census as photographer; res: 150 Commercial, Emporia, KS
1881 Jul 21
Emporia (KS) Weekly News L S Page in lodge notice
1882 Aug 18
Emporia (KS)
Daily News new furniture purchase for studio of Hardcastle & Kenyon
1883 Jul 13
Emporia (KS) Daily News Delia Rich completes 7 years at Page Gallery
1883 Oct 25
Emporia (KS) Weekly News Page adds W. A. Howard to staff
1883 Nov 28
Emporia (KS) Daily News Page ‘s mother Lydia P. Langmaid returns from Topeka

Emporia, KS, city directory as photographer widowed
1886 Apr 29
Neosho (MO) Vivifier item about visit to Page studio in Emporia, KS
1886 Jun 11
Americus (KS) Ledger item about visit to Page studio in Emporia, KS
Emporia, KS, city directory as photographer 505 Rural; res 522 Commercial
1891 Mar 14
Ottawa (KS) Daily Republic fire claims Page studio in Loomis building including Mohler shoes, Hall Bros Music Store
1895 Sep 06
Topeka Daily Capital fire destroys Page gallery and Kraum drug store and Ricker Jewelry store
from 1905 news article from Emporia (KS) Gazette Page moves to Guthrie, OK
Valley Falls (KS) New Era newspaper Guthrie, O T Louis Page wanted in Versailles, MO, on charge of adultery arrested om Valley Falls, KS

1903 Jun 04
Guthrie (KS) Daily Leader L S Page mention in Lodge business
Guthrie, OK, city directory as photographer at 118 w Oklahoma
1905 Mar 28
Emporia (KS) Gazette long news story about Page being an alias of Langmaid
1905 Jul 21
Guthrie (OK) Daily Leader item about Lodge Business including L S Page
Guthrie, OK, city directory and US census as photographer at 618 Vine
Guthrie, OK, city directory as photographer at 118 ½ w Oklahoma; res 618 Vine
US census as photographer; res 618 n Vine, Guthrie. OK
dies at age 81 and is buried in Emporia, KS

Emporia (KS) Daily News - 28 Nov 1883

Louis Page continued
Ottawa (KS) Daily Republic - 14 Mar 1891

Topeka (KS) Daily Capital - 6 Sep 1895

Leavenworth (KS) Times - 30 Mar 1905

Emporia (KS) Gazette - 31 Mar 1905

Leavenworth (KS) Times - 1 Apr 1905

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