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Paulina Josephine Hildebrandt

Photographer: Miss Hildebrandt
Elite Studio

Paulina Josephine Hildebrandt was a photographer as “Miss Hildebrandt” in Marysville, KS, for only a short time. The 1 Mar 1895 Kansas census lists her as photographer. The following year, 1896, in December, she marries Dorrance F. Butler, also a photographer.

The nearest record of Paulina Hildebrandt before 1895 is the Kansas census of 1885 when she was 14 and still living with the family on the farm. The earliest that can be assumed she began business as “Miss Hildebrandt” would be when she was about 20 years old or in 1891.

Dorrance Butler, Paulina’s future husband, had a photograph studio in Clay Center, KS for several years. According to a small news item in the Clay Center Times, 9 Mar 1893, he sold the studio and apparently moved to Marysville, KS.

This photograph must have been finished in the 6 years between 1891 and December of 1896 and most likely later in that period than earlier.

(Clay Center,KS) Times - 24 Dec 1891

(Clay Center,KS) Times - 09 Mar 1893

(Clay Center,KS) Times - 08 Nov 1894

Dorrance is now living in Marysville, KS

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