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Rasmussen and Free

Rasmussen & Free
Rock Island, Ill.
(also listed under Rasmussen)

J C Rasmussen (1857 - )

Germany J Charles Rasmussen is born
Rock Island (IL) Daily Argus ad for Rasmussen studio at 1725 Second Avenue
1894 Nov 13
Rock Island (IL) Daily Argus news item says Rasmussen has sold the gallery to M Free
1894 Nov and Dec
Rock Island (IL) Daily Argus “You may have heard…” ads run announcing the partnership of Rasmussen and Free
Moline, IL, city directory neither Rasmussen nor Free is listed
1896 Jun 26
Rock Island (IL) Daily Argus small ad for Rasmussen and Free Gallery
1897 Mar 13
Rock Island Saturday Argus news item fire destroys studio on Second Street
1906 Apr 19
Rock Island (IL) Daily Argus news item tells of gallery in San Francisco near Palace Hotel which collapsed in the earthquake of that year
San Francisco, CA, city directory as Salesman at Standard Motor Car co; res 1122 Farrell
1911 Mar 15
Rock Island (IL) Daily Argus refers to Miss Rasmussen the daughter of CHARLES Rasmussen former Rock Island Photographer

Michael Theodore Free (1871-1941)

1871 Jun 14
Coal Valley, IL, M T Free is born to Theodore Free and Theresa Mary Wagner
Moline, IL, city directory at age 17 as “wks for McCbe Bros”
Moline, IL, city directory Michael T Free as photographer at 2107 4th; res 2109 4th
1897 May 17
Rock Island (IL) Argus small ad looking for a location for a photo gallery
1898 Aug 10
Rock Island (IL) Argus news item shows Free has opened a "photo button" studio at 2107 4th
1899 Nov 14
Rock Island Argus (IL) display ad for studio at 1807 ½ 2nd av
1900 Dec 07
Rock Island (IL) Argus small ad for M T Free’s studio at 1807 2nd av
Moline, IL, city directory as photographer at 1807 ½ 2nd; res 524 16th
Nov 26 Rock Island (IL) Argus small ad for studio no address
Rock Island (IL) Argus small mention of real estate transfer in Rock Island, IL
1907 - 1919
Kansas City, MO, city directory as traveling salesman; res 2401 e 31st

1920 Jan 06
Kansas City, MO, US census as Motor Trucks; res 2401 e 31st
Kansas City, MO, city directory as traveling salesman; res 3214 Harrison
Kansas City, MO, city directory as manager of Butler Motor Co; res 3328 Harrison
1930 Apr 02
Chicago, IL, US census as traveling salesman; res 1036 n Dearborn
1941 Sep 02
Portage, IN, death certificate, as salesman, M T Free dies in a car wreck

It appears that Rasmussen and Free were both in the photography business only briefly before they began as partners at 1725 2nd Avenue, Rock Island, IL, in November of 1894. When the studio on Second Street burned in 1896, both went separate ways. Rasmussen, who already had a gallery in San Francisco, CA, appears to move there and continue in the photography business until the earthquake of 1906. After that he becomes a traveling salesman.

After the 1896 fire, M T Free opens another studio in Rock Island, IL, at 1807 ½ 2nd street and stays at that location until at least 1901. He moves the studio to 2401 e 31st and operates there until 1919. He then appears to get out of the photography business in favor of sales, from coffee to cars.

Rock Island (IL) Argus - 12 Jul 1890

Rock Island (IL) Argus - 28 Dec 1893

Rock Island (IL) Argus - 13 Nov 1894

Rock Island (IL) Argus - 07 Dec 1894

Rock Island (IL) Argus - 26 Jun 1896

Rock Island (IL) Argus - 13 Mar 1897

Rock Island (IL) Argus - 17 May 1897

Rock Island (IL) Argus - 10 Aug 1898

Rock Island (IL) Argus - 21 Nov 1899

Rock Island (IL) Argus - 19 Apr 1906

Rock Island (IL) Argus - 03 Sep 1941

three examples from

photographer: Rasmussen
Rock Island, IL
example from auction site

reverse of the card at the left

photographer: Rasmussen
(location not legible)
example from auction site

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