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Simon Leonard Stein

Photographer: Stein

Milwaukee City Directory 1924
This advertisement would be for Julian Stein after his father's death.

This is the reverse of the card on the left.
on reverse:
Copied by Stein -Photographer

Simon Leonard Stein
(Aug 1854 - 4 Mar 1922)

Julian Henry Stein
(21 Jul 1883 - Jan 1937)

All information is from US Census, city directories, newspaper items and draft registration.

Simon born in Austria
(newspaper) Simon starts first studio in Milwaukee, WI
Simon as photographer in Milwaukee, WI employed
Simon as photographer in Milwaukee, WI own studio
Julian born in Lincoln, WI
Simon as photographer in Milwaukee, WI
1905 - 1910
Julian and Simon as photographer in Milwaukee, WI

Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle
29 Jan 1937

Julian as farmer in Widewater, VA
Julian as photographer in Washington DC
Simon as photographer in Milwaukee, WI
Julian and Simon as Stein and Sons, Milwaukee, WI
Simon dies in Milwaukee, WI
Julian as photographer in Milwaukee, WI; mentions copying
1924 - 1934
Julian as photographer in Milwaukee, WI
Julian residential listing only
Julian dies in Milwaukee, WI

The cabinet card at the left is labeled as being a copy. In reality this could have been made any time either the father Simon or the son Julian, was working as a photographer. However, there is one mention of copying in a city directory listing for Julian in 1923.

But wait, there’s more...

Nathan L Stein
(Nov 1857 - 1921)

Nathan Stein lived at the same time as Simon L. and son Julian, in the same city, Milwaukee, WI, and was also a photographer. But Nathan Stein seems totally unrelated genetically to Simon Stein. However, he could be the Stein credited for the cabinet card here.

born in Austria or Germany
1837 - 1875
immigrates to US
as photographer at 310 State; res 1316 Prairie, Milwaukee, WI
as photographer at 456 Mitchell; res 502 Greenfield av
Marriage to Rachel Stein
1894 - 1897
as photographer at 456 Mitchell; res 638 1st
1898 - 1920
as photographer at 452 Mitchell
death in Milwaukee, WI

photographer: S L Stein
Milwaukee, WI
from the collection of Derek Wood on Flickr

photographer: S L Stein
310 Sate, Milwaukee, WI
example from Rescued Photo

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